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What is 411?

411 is an on-demand expert knowledge network that provides bespoke insight, perspective, commentary and analysis to challenge and strengthen your business’ strategic understanding of what is happening now and what might happen next.

Who are 411?

In an increasingly complex and chaotic world, you need people to help you find your way through the fog; people who can provide fresh perspectives and help you clarify your understanding of an increasingly uncertain future.

At the heart of 411 is a community of leading opinion formers, experts and commentators, drawn from think-tanks, academia, media and analyst communities, with a core focus on the massive changes currently taking place in our economic, social and political landscapes.

Outward facing and optimistic, 411 aren’t just experts, they are expert communicators. They aim to make difficult issues easier to grasp, simplify big challenges, pull together key themes and provide comments and opinion to stimulate and stretch your thinking.

Why do you need 411?

The world is approaching a critical juncture. The consensus that has dominated economic and social thinking and policymaking for thirty years is being challenged from many directions. The future holds great dangers – but also great opportunities.

At a time of growing political and economic uncertainty, deep knowledge, distinctive perspectives and expert insight are vitally important for those seeking to navigate an increasingly unstable and unpredictable future.

411 provides bespoke, targeted analysis and support for our business partners. We draw on the power of our network to help you better understand the bigger picture for your business, and get a handle on what can seem an unpredictable future.

What does 411 do?

We draw on our expert networks to provide the right people to:

  • Provide provocative and insightful commentary at meetings
  • Help you understand your data in the context of wider trends
  • Challenge and test business cases and strategic plans
  • Run scenario planning events for boards and senior teams
  • Produce commissioned reports and whitepapers to contextualise your business decision-making
  • Assist you with communicating your message – internally and externally
  • Write exclusive thought-leadership pieces
  • Deliver keynote speakers for internal conferences and external events
  • Turn abstract thoughts and ideas into actionable projects

Unlike most consultants, we only provide experts and opinion formers from within our network. People who are able to provide you with first-hand, in-depth perspective, understanding and insight. Providing a resource you can engage with, challenge and question directly as you build your understanding of the trends and forces defining what may happen next.

By helping you build a broader understanding of global trends, by challenging your thinking and by supporting you in applying that understanding to your business, we aim to create a self-reinforcing process equipping you for success at a time when many businesses will struggle to adapt and change.